Who is the Talib?


In the time around 1971, when radical Islamic theories where born in Afghanistan through the influence of the Mujaheddin, the CIA initiated a project which followed these tendencies. Back then, the name of the project was hardly known to anyone, while nowadays everyone is familiar with it: Taliban.


The concept was in accordance with the situation in Afghanistan at that time. People where illiterate and mostly believed what mullahs would tell them. Of course, this circumstance was widely used to spread propaganda. The Mujaheddin made people fight against the Sowjet Union in 1971 to 1981 to win the war.
Ten years later, after the Russians had left the country to hands of the Mujaheddin, the different religious leaders fought over presidency and split up Kabul, the capital city, amongst them into four districts. The contract between them scheduled a two month long reign for each of the leaders in a rotating system. But after the first president, Sebqatullah Mujadedi had served his two months, the second president, Burhanuddin Rabbani tried to stay in office with the use of violence. A civil war erupted in Kabul and Afghanistan, in which afghans fought against afghans, who belonged to different ethnic groups. Pashtuns fought against Hazaras, Uzbeks against Tajiks. In this time from 1992 until 1996, 25.000 to 30.000 afghan civilians died according to official record, while the informal number reaches up to half a million.
In September 1996, the Taliban, who had until then had played a minor role in Afghanistan, took over Kabul in a military strike. From then on, they had the country under their control. There was constant fighting though with the National Front that had formed itself under Ahmad Shah Massoud, the former Mujaheddin leader. Many people died from the Taliban’s atrocities so as violence and suppression against women and ethnic cleansing of minorities like the Hazara.

According to Plan

Until 2001, when the Taliban had gained foothold as the government, everything had worked out according to plan for the US and the CIA. But Massoud’s forces continued fighting the Taliban movement. On his visit to Europe in spring 2001, he voiced concernes that his secret service had information that an attack on american ground would take place very soon. Massoud was killed shortly after in a suicidal bombing attack on September 9th 2001.
When the planes crashed into the twin towers two days later, there where no more obstacles in the way of the US. Just a month later, George W. Bush invaded Afghanistan. 15.000 Afghan civilians died (according to US statistics) in the war that followed.

Vultures on the Corpse

Not without reason has Afghanistan for long carried the name „Heart of Asia“. The geographic position is perfectly located in the center of many important countries in the middle east, providing proximity to the Arabian Sea, to Iran, Israel and Palestine, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. To be added are the rich mineral resources below the surface. But the US weren’t the only country wanting to profit from these benefits. Soon, several nations began to place their soldiers at the Hindukush under the smokescreen of a peacekeeping mission. Today, they add up to 50 countries, collectively known as ISAF. Obviously, in wars, profit always plays an important role. This includes the trade of arms and weapons to different parties of the conflict. Soon, an extensive problem started forming itself. The Taliban, once a heterogenic group, began splitting up amongst itself. Not only the US, but every country now had it’s own Talib who they used as puppets to secure their power. They made use of the Taliban, who had been trained in Pakistan, to gain stabilty in the country.
Fact is, no one really wants peace and freedom for Afghanistan. If this would become the case one day, the presence of foreign troops would become unnecessary. The US and the other nations would lose all the geostrategic benefits, and the flourishing arms trade would run dry.

Afghanistan Carries the Cost

The Taliban’s identity can no longer be defined clearly. The USA, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tchechnia and even Germany have meanwhile installed their own Talibanistic forces in Afghanistan. The CIA has lost complete control of it’s project and has really harmed itself in the end. The Taliban, who where born in Pakistan and raised by the US, have now been adopted and instrumentalized by the rest of the world. Enduring the suffering that results from this, is left to Afghanistan and it’s people.

Edris Joya
Afghan freelance journalist, Germany

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